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Give Your Pup It's Best Night Sleep Yet with Orthopedic Dog Bed

There is a common misconception that orthopedic beds are only needed for old dogs, but there are actually a lot of health benefits to be had from splurging a bit and picking up one for your four-legged friend. They aren’t necessary, but they can provide a level of comfort and help keep your dog moving around better as they age. Here’s what an orthopedic bed is and what it’s good for.

What is an orthopedic dog bed?

An orthopedic bed generally provides more support for joints and bones than a regular dog bed. Cheaper dog beds are not much more than pillows, whereas orthopedic dog beds use memory foam. Memory foam conforms more to your dog’s body, giving better support and maintaining their function for much longer than ordinary beds. Due to their memory foam design, they are easier for your dog to get into and out of as well.

What are the benefits of an orthopedic bed?

Think about your own sleeping situation - most people do not want to have an incredibly soft or incredibly hard surface to lay on every single night. Dogs are the same way, and an orthopedic bed provides the best of both worlds. They are soft enough, but still provide the support they need to keep from getting sore. The help alleviate joint pain and pressure, and also can help if your dog is recovering from a painful accident or surgery. Finally, it will keep your dog off of the furniture in your home - you might not mind having your clothes covered in dog fur, but guests probably will. They probably won’t want to smell like your dog, either.

What types of dogs should use orthopedic beds?

Here’s where it gets tricky - some dogs are just fine with a regular dog bed. However, there are a few things to watch out for if you’re in the market to pick up a bed for your dog.

  • Breeds with a history of hip problems, joint problems, or arthritis: There are several dogs that are much more prone to these issues, especially later in life. An orthopedic bed can help stop or slow symptoms from setting in, or can provide comfort if they already have.

  • Purebred dogs: Purebred dogs are much more prone to health problems, so an orthopedic bed is a surefire way to help ease those issues.

  • Dogs with injuries: Dogs with injuries to their leg or back may have difficulty moving onto or off of a soft bed. An orthopedic bed can help them with ease of use and recovery.

  • Very skinny dogs: Dogs without a lot of padding, like whippets, greyhounds, or salukis, can often have trouble getting comfortable. An orthopedic bed can keep them from wearing down their fur.

  • Old dogs: A little extra support goes a long way as your dog starts hitting their silver years.

Don’t think you need an orthopedic bed for your dog, but it can be a nice pickup if you feel like spending a little extra. Do your research and make sure you are picking up a quality item - your pooch will thank you. While you’re at it, keep a supply of Bio-nihilator on hand to help keep stains and smells under control; everyone will thank you for that!

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