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What Should You Get Your Furry Friend For The Holidays

Sure, your dog might not understand the concepts of winter holidays, but they certainly understand the concept of gift giving. We all want to include our pooches in the fun, and there are plenty of options for getting your dog involved in the festivities. Here are a few of the best gifts to get the dogs on your “Nice” list this holiday season.

A stocking of their own

If you celebrate Christmas, one of the best ways to get your dog in on the action is by getting them their own stocking. Make sure Santa knows not to put treats in it before Christmas morning, or it may get pulled off the mantle when you aren’t around. Put a few of these other things in their, however, and your dog will be as excited on Christmas as you were when you were a kid.

A brand new doggie bed

Dog bends, especially inexpensive ones, tend to wear down quickly, especially if multiple dogs are using it. Why not take care of the hound in your life by picking up a new place for them to rest? Not only is it good for them, but it will help eliminate some of the “dog odor” in your home and ease up on your allergies.

Some fresh new threads

Grab your dog an adorable sweater or Santa hat and make sure to snap plenty of pictures of them looking miserable. If you’d rather not ruin their Christmas, think about a sharp new collar or fashion-forward leash they can show off the next time you go to the dog park.

New toys to help get out some energy during the snowy season

The holidays are the perfect time to test out some new toys with your four-legged friend. If they generally have only gotten plush toys, try out a heavier duty item like a Kong. See if they can learn to fetch and return toys. Teach them to tug a rope - it will help them work off some excessive energy when it gets to icy to get out for walks. Christmas is when we splurge for people - we should do the same for our dogs.

A custom portrait

Check out Etsy or a local art show and you are bound to find plenty of talented artists who will do up a portrait of your pets for a relatively inexpensive cost. Poke around and you can find dozens of different styles and materials to help make your pooch portrait pop and help immortalize your best friend.

Treats galore

We tend to overindulge around the holidays - keep your pet from sneaking scraps off the table or the trash by keeping them occupied with some holiday treats of their own. Stock up on some doggie treats that can help with their dental health or give some shine to their coat. Rawhide chews will keep them busy while everyone else is opening their presents. And winter months are a perfect time to learn new tricks, so training treats are a perfect stocking stuffer.

Get your dog included in on the fun this holiday season! And, just in case they celebrate a bit too much, make sure to keep a supply of Bio-nihilator on hand to keep your house smelling and looking like a holly-jolly good time.

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