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How to Ensure You and Your Lost Dog Will Be Reunited

Every dog owner’s biggest nightmare is trying to track down their lost canine companion. There are plenty of precautions you need to take to ensure that you will be able to find your dog if they manage to escape from the yard or bolt out the door. Here are a few things to do to make sure your dog gets back to you in case the worst should happen.

Update tags every time you move or change phone numbers, and get your dog microchipped

One of the easiest ways to make sure your dog finds its way home are often overlooked: keep tags updated and get them microchipped. Microchipping is a relatively small cost, and it only needs to be done once to last for the dog’s entire life. Likewise, keep the tags on your dog’s collar updated - if you get a new phone number, make sure that contact info gets changed on the collar. If your address changes, so should the tag to reflect that. Tags and microchips are the two easiest ways to locate a lost dog’s owner; make sure they are updated!

Join a neighborhood community website

If your dog gets away from your home, they will most likely be found nearby. One of the quickest ways to locate them is by joining a community website for the neighborhood you live in. Search a website like NextDoor and find the area you live, and you will most likely find a community of your neighbors who can regularly post about events in the area you live. These communities are often filled with posts of “Lost Dog” or “Found Cat,” and can prove to be an efficient way to locate a missing animal.

Keep a list of nearby shelters and veterinary clinics to call

If you’ve been looking through the neighborhood and no information has surfaced, you should start calling nearby clinics and shelters to see if anyone has taken your dog there. When your stressed and panicking, it can be tough to do the research to find the places they may have been dropped off. Keep a list of ten or so nearby places that someone might have taken your dog to, and give them a quick call to see if anyone has dropped your dog off or has called to ask if they’re familiar with the dog.

Do regular photo shoots with your dog

One of the biggest issues with finding a lost dog is making sure that you have up to date pictures of your furry friend. If you go to make a “Lost Dog” poster, and all you have are pictures of your five year old dog at six months, it will be much more difficult for people to identify it. Make sure you get a good, full body picture of your dog every six months or so to capture their changing weight and fur patterns. If your dog is in some sort of database online, make sure to upload the new photos as you take them.

Don’t let a stressful situation get worse by being unprepared - take a few of these steps early on and save yourself a massive headache if the worst should happen. For more tips on how to maximize your relationship with your dog, sign up for our mailing list at Bio-nihilator, and make sure you keep a supply of our stain and odor eliminator for when accidents happen in the house.

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