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How To Get Your Cat Ready For Spring

As spring inches closer, it’s time to get your cat ready for the nice weather. Cats love to be outside, and will probably be clamoring for it as the days get longer and warmer. Follow our advice to make sure your cat is ready to start spending some time outside this spring. Even if you aren’t comfortable letting your cat outside on its own, make sure you don’t keep them cooped up at all times. They need vitamin D, too!

Keep an eye out for health hazards

Cats are curious critters, and you don’t want the old adage to become reality. If you are treating your yard or garden, make sure you are using treatments that are safe. Cats love to chew on plants, and pesticides or other plant treatments can spell trouble if you turn your back for even a short amount of time. In addition, be aware of symptoms of allergic reactions: excessive sneezing, wheezing, or itching can indicate that something is not agreeing with your cat’s skin, and can lead to worse things like vomiting, diarrhea, and paw chewing. If you notice these symptoms after a trek outside, you may want to get your cat to the vet to get those checked.

Get to the vet - spay/neuter your cat!

Speaking of the vet, the transition from winter to spring is a great time to get there and get your kitty checked out. If they aren’t spayed or neutered yet and you plan on getting them outside, get this taken care of. Cats with breeding in mind can lose their heads and do all sorts of silly things, and there are already far too many kittens out there without a home. In addition, get vaccines updates and get some flea and tick medications. You don’t want pests hitching a ride into your house on the back of your little furball.

Groom and clean up your house

Finally, if your cat is going to enjoy the nice weather this spring, you better groom them up. Trim those claws, brush that thick winter coat away, and give them a nice bath. Like most mammals, cats grow a winter coat to keep them warm during chilly months. If you don’t brush it out for them, they will gladly shed it all over your home. In addition, the change from winter to spring is a good time to clean up thick cat fur that may have accumulated in your house with your cat lazing about all winter. Check their favorite spots, baseboards, and corners. Clean up the fur and your allergies and clothing will thank you.

Whether or not you plan on getting your cat outside this spring, you should still get them ready for the new season. Keep a cleaning solution like Bio-nihilator on hand, especially if your cat is going to go exploring outdoors. You never know when you will have to clean up stains or smells.

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