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Three Things You Should do To Get Your Dog Ready for Spring

The worst of winter is nearly behind us, and spring is fast approaching. You know what that means: your dog is going to be spending a lot more time outside. Here are a few ways you can help get your dog (and yourself) ready for the great outdoors so that the transition to spring goes as well as it possibly can.

Visit the vet for a check up, vaccinations, and flea treatment

The change of seasons is a perfect time to get your hound to the vet for a check up and a few treatments. Another spring means another year on your dog, and the vet can help figure out if they are suffering from weight problems or other health issues. In addition, your dog will probably be spending a lot more time around other animals, so getting any vaccinations updated is essential to keeping them healthy. Finally, the transition from winter to spring means that fleas and ticks become much more active; keep your dog’s treatment up to date so they don’t suffer from pests.

Check tags and get geared up

If you’re going to be taking your dog outside much more often, you need to make sure their gear is in good shape. Check leashes and collars for frays and tears; you wouldn’t want an attempt to go after a rogue squirrel resulting in a prolonged chase due to a broken leash. If you’ve moved recently, make sure tags are updated with new phone numbers and addresses. If you’re planning on going road trips or hikes with your hound, get all the travel gear ready too: a water bottle, waste bags, and maybe a doggie backpack so they can carry their own gear. Get prepped beforehand so the first hint of nice weather means you and your dog can get out and enjoy it.

Get them groomed

The transition from winter to spring is one of the best times to splurge a bit and pay for a professional grooming for your dog. Spring means precipitation, so get nails clipped if you don’t want mud getting under long winter nails and getting tracked into the house. Get that winter coat brushed out to keep your dog comfortable in nice weather and avoid excess shedding. A good bath can help get rid of dry skin and dandruff that may be caught or matted in fur. Just like you swap out a wardrobe when the weather changes, your dog needs a fresh makeover as well.

If your dog is going to be spending more time outside, that means they may be a little over excited or get into things that they are not used to. Keep those smells and stains out of the house by keeping a cleaner like Bio-nihilator on hand at all times. Don’t wait: get your dog ready for spring now!

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