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Three Things to Help Your Dog Have A Healthy New Year

Are you ready for a new year, did 2017 stress you out? Well, our pets feed off of our emotions - stressed out owners can mean stressed out dogs. As we move towards 2018, here are a few ways you can keep your hounds healthy and happy in 2018.

1) Go easy on treats and presents

Just like people, dogs love receiving gifts and are very expressive about it. However, try not to go overboard with these treats. Make sure to spread out how often they receive them, try not to give them treats that their bodies are not acclimated to, and do not be afraid to take larger treats away to save them for a later time. Just like treats for yourself, keep your dog limited in how much cheer they consume.

2) Schedule a teeth cleaning or grooming session

During season changes, dogs lighter coats make way for heavy winter coats. Unless you want your home covered in fur and your dog carrying uncomfortable extra fur weight, it’s probably a good idea to schedule a visit to the groomer. A groomer will also clean out their ears, trim the nails, and anything else your dog might need to be healthy and happy. You could also consider a teeth cleaning - it can help cure bad dog breath, fix any mouth discomfort your dog may be experiencing, and many studies show it can even help your dog live a longer, healthier life.

3) Find ways to get your dog out of the house

It can be tough to take your dog out during cold winter months. If you are sensitive to cold, try your best to find other ways to get your dog (and yourself) out of the house this winter. Dog-friendly business like many hardware stores are a great way to get your dog some exercise and off the couch. Many dogs love the snow; they will wear themselves out romping in it. Let them loose in the yard or get to a fenced off-leash park to tire your dog out enjoying a winter wonderland.

Your dog is part of the family too; don’t forget about them this holiday season. You know they don’t mean to be naughty, but you may want to keep a supply of Bio-nihilator on hand this winter season. You may be used to it, but your company probably does not want your house to smell like dog. Happy holidays from all of us, and good luck in the new year!

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