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Dangerous Foods For Dogs

The holiday season means lots of guests, food, and drink moving from place to place. Not everyone is aware of what foods can be harmful to dogs, so here are a few common consumables that you need to be a bit wary of if someone brings them to your home and you have a hungry canine lurking.


Everyone knows that chocolate is harmful to dogs, but it can be very helpful to know the “rule of twenty” formula. If your dog gets into chocolate, you can figure out whether or not it is an emergency. Estimate the number of ounces eaten, multiply that by the amount of toxic material per ounce (in general: milk chocolate - 58, dark chocolate - 130, baking chocolate - 393), and divide by your dog’s weight.

(Chocolate oz. times toxicity level) divided by weight in pounds.

If the final number is near twenty, contact your vet immediately. If it is significantly lower, then just keep an eye out; your dog should be fine.


Similar to chocolate, a few raisins or grapes here and there probably won’t cause major issues. But if a significant amount are eaten, they can cause renal failure in dogs. Keep large amounts out of reach, and watch for lethargy and vomiting. If you think a large amount of either of these items have been consumed, get your hound to the vet.


Avocados contain persin, which is harmless to people and toxic to dogs. Persin is in leaves, seeds, bark, and fruit, so make sure any avocado plants or products are out of reach. In addition, the large pit of the avocado can be a choking hazard, so keep these fruits away from counter surfers.

Processed Sweets (Candy/Gum/Etc.)

Xylitol is a processed sweetener found in many candies, and can cause a severe surge in blood sugar in dogs, which leads to liver failure. If you’re worried your dog may have gotten into some sweets, check the ingredients list for xylitol. Watch for lethargy, seizures, and loss of coordination.

The holiday season doesn’t need to be stressful, but keeping a pet odor/stain remover like Bio-nihilator on hand can help reduce that stress even more. Keep these foods out of reach - and keep the odor remover on standby - to have a happy Thanksgiving and winter holiday season.

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