December 16, 2019

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Dangerous Foods For Cats

November 12, 2017


As holiday seasons draw near, guests in your home are likely to increase. People love to bring food and drink as a holiday treat, and they are not always sure about what your animals might get into. Keep your cats safe this holiday season by keeping a close eye on certain foods that can be harmful.



This sounds like a given, but even a small amount of alcohol in cats can cause liver failure, seizures, and brain damage. Take special care if you are mixing any sweet or dairy based cocktails; if left unsupervised, your feline friend might think you fixed them something especially strong.



These foods can all cause anemia and red blood cell destruction in cats. Keep them packed away or in the fridge. In general, cats will avoid these items due to the smell. Things like caramelized onions, however, can seem very enticing.



Everyone knows that chocolate is bad for dogs, but it can also cause serious problems in cats. Theobromine is the chemical culprit in both - it is more concentrated in dark chocolate and baking chocolate. Be extra careful around those items. Chocolate can also contain caffeine, which can cause serious issues in cats.


Tea/Coffee/Energy Drinks

Speaking of caffeine, make sure to keep all of these items away from your cats. Caffeine, even in small doses, can cause heart palpitations and muscle tremors in cats. If you are worried your cat may have ingested too much caffeine, watch out for them panting like a dog. That is a sign that something is wrong.


Raw Eggs

Just like with people, raw eggs can give cats salmonella. Even worse, salmonella can spread from animals to people. Be especially careful if you’re whipping up some sort of recipe that involves you handling raw eggs; make sure to wash your hands when you’re done. You wouldn’t want your cat getting sick because of your bad hygiene choices.


This is not a definitive list, but these are some of the more common items that can cause health problems in your cat. During all seasons, and definitely the holiday season, keep a pet stain and odor cleaner like Bio-nihilator handy, just in case your cat overindulges a bit and you need to clean up any messes.


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