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Prepping Your Cat For Fall

The change of seasons can be a substantial shift for pets, even ones that spend their life indoors. Even if your cat rarely goes outside, there are several ways you can make their life easier when the season shifts from summer to autumn. Here’s how to make life easier this fall for you and your feline friend.

1. Brush often

The change of seasons means that your cat will begin to shed their light summer coat to make room for thicker, warmer fur. Help out with your allergies (and home ventilation) by brushing your cat for frequently than usual. This will help speed the process along and make it easier to breathe during the transition from summer to fall. Make sure to reward your cat with treats and playtime after a successful brushing. This will make them much happier to do it whenever you need.

2. Watch out for home improvement projects

Many people use the fall for home improvement projects to help get their house ready for winter. This is definitely a great idea, but make sure to keep your cat away from any rooms that are being worked on. Cats love to explore the unknown, and will gladly walk across wet paint, play with important tools, or venture into holes in walls or ventilation systems. If at all possible, block off any rooms being worked on so that your inquisitive feline stays out.

3. Keep a closer eye for fleas and ticks

Fleas and ticks become much more active in the fall than the summer, so it is a good idea to be much more vigilant than normal to keep your cat pest free. Even if they do not go outside, your cat can still be at risk; pests are searching for warmer places, and they can hitch a ride on you or other animals in the house and then transfer over. An autumn flea and tick treatment on all your cats is always a good plan, but keep your eyes peeled and check your cat frequently to keep them safe and comfortable.

Follow these tips to make the transition from summer to fall as painless as possible for both you and any cats in your home. Make sure to keep a stain and odor remover like Bio-nihilator handy as well - take care of any accidents quickly to keep your house full of fresh autumn scents.

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