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4 Things You Need to Know Before Bathing Your Cat

May 18, 2017

Getting your kitty into the bath can be a harrowing experience, especially if they still have their claws. Yowling, running away, and drawing blood are all some of the dangers that people face when it is feline bath time. Cats do not need to be bathed quite as often as dogs; they generally keep themselves fairly clean. However, they may get into something smelly or sticky, or they may just need it once in awhile. Here are a few ways to make the bathing experience a little easier, and maybe even convince your cat that bath time is not as bad as they think it is.


1. Groom your cat before bath time


Cat claws are dangerous; make sure they are trimmed well before bath time. If your cat hates water, they will use their claws on any soft surface to get out. Avoid the bloodshed by trimming their nails a day or two in advance of their bath. In addition to their claws, brush out your cat before putting them in the bath. This will get any shedding or clumps of fur taken care of, leading to less time in the bath and fewer clogs in the drain.


2. Prepare the area


Place a rubber mat in the sink or bath to keep your cat from sliding; cats hate losing their balance, and a porcelain tub can do just that. Make sure towels, shampoo, washcloths, and anything else you need is within reachable distance. Finally, if they will let you, place cotton in your kitty’s ears to keep water out. The bath should not involve too much water near their face and head, but an errant splash can be very uncomfortable for your feline if it gets in their ears.


3. Dry them in a warm place with a big, fluffy towel


When the bath is finished, and all the soap is washed off, wrap your cat in a thick towel and completely dry them someplace warm. Not hot, but warm. Don’t be rough, but do be thorough. If your cat has long fur, you may need to brush them gently in order to undo tangles.


4. Reward them, both before and after


One of the best ways to wear your cat down before a bath is with an intense play session. Whether it is playing fetch, chasing a laser pointer, or giving your cat time with their favorite toy, wearing them out beforehand will make them more docile and more comfortable with you as you bathe them. Afterwards, make sure to give them plenty of love and a few of their favorite treats for a job well done.

Even with cats grooming themselves and regular bathing, areas in your house sometimes just get that cat smell. Try a heavy duty odor-eliminator, like Bio-nihilator, if you (or, more likely, your guests) notice an overwhelming cat smell. It will keep your home smelling great, even with more than one cat running around.

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