8 Bottle to a Case

60 Cases to a Pallet

27 Cases of Each

Price per Bottle: $6.50


Carpet Odor and Stain Annihilator contains our blend of Quaternary and fragrance plus a 2 part oxygen and citrus based carpet cleaning agent. This is the combination that we use when cleaning pet stains in your home.


Directions for use:   Use Bio-nihilator Odor and Stain Annihilator at full strength.  Do not dilute.  Shake well before use.  Perform a color fast test to an inconspicuous area prior to use.  
If color bleeds do not use. Remove all solids and dispose.  Remove liquid contaminates using a wet/dry vac with filter removed.


Apply Bio-nihilator Odor and Stain Annihilator into contaminated area.  Use enough product to saturate the carpet and padding.   The product must contact all soiled areas.
Allow to set for about 15 minutes.  Place shop vac in the center of the spot and extract the liquid from effected area.


Pour HOT water around the outer edges of the affected area and continue extracting with wet/dry vac removing as much liquid as possible.
Apply additional Bio-nihilator Odor and Stain Annihilator to the affected area (do not over saturate).  

Pallet of Odor and Stain Eliminator - Carpet and Rugs


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