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8 Bottle to a Case

60 Cases to a Pallet

27 Cases of Each

Price per Bottle: $6.50


Hard Surface Spray contains our blend of Quaternary and a light clean fragrance that will annihilate residue and odors.  Use on any hard surface that needs cleaned and deodorized.

Uses for Bio-nihilator Hard Surface spray:

  • Clean litter box
  • Clean kennel
  • Clean urine and feces off hard surfaces
  • Spray on meat packaging, fruits and vegetables in trash can
  • Counter tops, bathroom, floors

Directions for use: Remove urine and feces. Spray Bio-nihilator Hard Surface Spray on any hard surfaces, in the air, your pet's kennel or bed. Use at full strength. Rinse and dry completely.

If using the Finishing Spray on carpet or furniture perform a color fast test to an inconspicuous area prior to use. If color bleeds do not use.

Pallet of Hard Surface Cleaner

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